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Welcome to Angus Grossart Software Solutions

Angus Grossart Software Solutions (AGSS) is an independent software company specialising in consulting, design, development and selling of business enabling software solutions. As an independent, we do not exclusively specialise in one application area and one operating system. The company uses software platforms and frameworks from multiple suppliers who demonstrate tangible benefits and value for money. In short, if our due diligence of software products does not meet our clients' needs we will not recommend it as a solution for their organisation.

AGSS has over 20 years expertise in developing software solutions across a variety of commercial application deployments, ranging from communications, manufacturing to call centre trading systems. Clear signs are visible to the experienced eye when software products can successfully integrate with a business process. Despite the signs, software project failures occur all too frequently in organisations. Common reasons for failure include: engineers not fully understanding the business model, poor stakeholder communication, lack of finance, ill-defined requirements, insufficient testing, politics, the wrong team, inadequate design, poor training, lack of knowledge and experience, or simply as a result of applying the wrong software tools and products. Successful organisations choose their software solutions with diligence. Increase your chances of success, choose AGSS.

The company is located near St. Andrews in Scotland and founded on the premise of building long-term relationships and creating value added solutions for our clients. We offer a variety professional services and targeted software solutions to streamline business processes. Whether a private or public sector organisation, reap the benefits of streamlining your operations. Benefit from reduced costs, increased operational efficiency, allowing growth and quality improvement for less.

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